Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail Cards

We Welcome Oregon Trail Card Users!

Bring your card to the Market, charge whatever amount you want on your card, we will give you tokens to spend with any vendor. We will also match whatever amount you charge up to $20! For more detailed information, follow us on facebook

How to use it at FFM

Oregon Trail Card at the Market

  1. Come to the Market Manager booth where a staff person can swipe your Oregon Trail Card. 
  2. You’ll tell the staff person how much you want to spend in SNAP benefits, and you’ll get that amount of market currency that you spend like cash with the vendors that sell SNAP eligible food items (meat, cheese, eggs, bread, produce, etc.). 
  3. The currency can only be spent at the Market, but you don’t need to spend it the same day you receive it. You can spend it at the Market later in the season. Money is deducted from your SNAP balance the day you get the market currency whether or not you spend the market currency that day. Vendors are not allowed to give you change for market currency.