New Vendor: Wildcat Farm

Bringing a unique, refreshing selection of offerings to the market, we are so excited to welcome Wildcat Farm of Walton, OR.

Wildcat Farm is a small scale, Organic practice farm, operated by a new generation of farmers. We started this operation in 2020 to fight the changing food landscape and create a self-sufficient life for our young family. Since then we have branched out to share our products with our community. We are focused on animal wellness, ethical practices, high quality organic practice products, sustainability, and promoting small scale homesteads and self sufficiency to our younger generations and our community. We also strive to provide a sanctuary for our animals, many of whom have been brought in from less than ideal situations. Thanks for supporting your local farmers!

-Jasper, Damian and Roland

Wildcrafted, organic, thoughtfully produced, fresh made – goat milk, goats milk cheese, wildcrafted nettle pesto, european style yogurt… if I could make a personal recommendation, the goat cheese and nettle pesto are incredible! Elevating sandwiches, salads, pasta to the next level (you’ve got to be especially quick to snag that goat cheese!).