Florence Farmers Market is Hiring!

Position: Market Manager

Hours: 12 hours/week, from 3rd week of March through the 3rd week of October (6 hours on Tuesdays at the market (during market season), and 6 hours remotely (communications, paperwork, transcribing and reporting data, etc))

Pay: $18/hour

Expectations: FFM expects the Market Manager to have excellent people skills, adaptability, physical strength and mobility, record keeping skills, and a passion for sustainably grown and produced local foods and community. Please read the full job description below.

Accepting Resumes: Please email outreach@florencefarmersmarket.org

FFM would like to interview on the 26th or 28th of February, which is coming right up. We appreciate your attention! If you or someone you know are a good fit, please send us your resume or send them our way. We are excited to meet you!

Full Job Description

Florence Farmers Market (FFM) Job Description Overview:

FFM expects the Farmers Market Manager to have a passion for sustainably grown/produced local foods. This position requires exceptional customer service skills across a broad spectrum, in this case farmers, volunteers and market attendees. Record keeping skills including accuracy with handling & recording Market day transactions, processing SNAP tokens and reimbursables, and adherence to the established Market budget are required.

Required Qualifications:

This position requires strong customer service skills, an ability to work effectively under time constraints, excellent conflict resolution skills, a collaborative attitude, accuracy with handling and recording sales transactions and record keeping, and the ability to think on your feet in a fast-paced environment. Applicants should also have excellent organizational skills, a flexible communication style and a sense of humor. This is also a very physical job. It requires the ability to lift 50 pounds or more. Because FFM is a coastal Market, a willingness to work outside in fair and foul weather conditions is necessary.

The Market Manager is required to utilize their personal equipment, including but not limited to their computer and vehicle, as well as possess a valid driver’s license and maintain vehicle insurance.

Hours and Location:

Throughout the Market season, the expected weekly workload is 12 hours, not to surpass this limit. With Market day scheduled for Tuesdays from 3-6pm, it is anticipated that 6 of these hours will be spent on-site, encompassing both setup and take down duties.

The remaining hours will be spent on the manager’s premises, attending Market meetings or out in the community.

Period of Seasonal Market Management:

The proposed start date for this seasonal position is the third week of March, aligning with the preparation phase for the Market season, which typically commences from June through mid-October. The position concludes in the third week of October, encompassing both the Market season and necessary organization and evaluation activities before and after this period. During the pre and post-Market season phases, hours worked are anticipated to be 10 per week, with a maximum limit of 10 hours.

Rate of Pay:


Market Manager Responsibilities:


  • Attend Market Team and quarterly Market Board meetings as required to give updates including customer volumes, any vendor changes, weekly stall fees, sales reports and SNAP/DU sales.
  • Provide an end of season summary that includes attendance numbers by Market, SNAP/DU totals for the season, volunteer hours, and any comments toward a better 2025 Market.

Vendor Interface

  • Oversee the membership/vendor application process: field phone calls from prospective vendors, determine vendor eligibility, process applications and fees, approve booth reservations and maintain written records and contracts with vendors. Provide a receipt to vendors for any funds received from them.
  • Conduct outreach to prospective vendors to solicit new applications and ensure Market diversity in product categories.
  • Provide the Board secretary and bookkeeper an electronic copy of the vendor database. Update as needed.
  • Ensure that all vendors have secured the required permits and have a copy of the Vendor Guidelines.
  • Visit farms or other vendor locations as needed.
  • Refer tabling requests from non-profits to the Community Table coordinator.
  • Be familiar with and enforce Market, state, county, and federal food safety guidelines, rules, laws, and regulations.

Volunteer Coordination

  • Develop, implement, and lead a cohesive volunteer team to add value to Market operations while also offering a safe, enjoyable experience for volunteers.  
  • Actively recruit community members to volunteers.
  • Track volunteer hours.

Market Day

  • Be on site from 1:30-6:30pm, Tuesdays during Market season.
  • Oversee vendor loading and unloading of vehicles and enforce off-site vendor parking while the Market is open.
  • Create site layout plan and assign vendor placement.
  • Ensure that all Market equipment and supplies are on site and in working order.
  • Oversee/supervise the SNAP/DU programs, ensure someone is always at the Market Manager table with the EBT machine. Complete all required paperwork for each Market.
  • Oversee events and entertainers at the Market. Keep a contact log for event/entertainer’s coordinators.  
  • Collect a one time per season membership fee from each vendor. Collect stall fees from every vendor at every market. These fees will be deposited within 48 hours from when they were collected.
  • Oversee closeout duties at the end of the day, including storage of all Market equipment in the Market trailer.
  • Manage the need for informational signs during the Market.

Financial Recording and Depositing

  • Complete all Market day paperwork for both incoming and outgoing funds. Recording will be complete and accurately represent the transaction.
  • Deposit all cash received, record on the Income sheet and attach the bank receipt.
  • Return the week’s manila envelope with all required documentation within 48 hours, to the Financial Specialist.

If you have any questions, or would like to submit a resume, please email us: outreach@florencefarmersmarket.org

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