A Few FAQs

There are a few recurring questions that many of you have this year, and we would like to answer them for you!

Where is L’Etoile Farm (Natalie)?

Natalie and her husband Wes decided to take the year off and have more time as a family and to rest. They are not selling anywhere this season. If they resume they likely will return to Florence.

Why did we move the Market to the Boardwalk?

The property where the Market used to be, next to Veteran’s Park, sold. We had to move. We were graciously allowed to use the property for free by the former owner.

Is it cheaper to be at the Boardwalk?

No, for the first year in the Market’s history we are paying rent for use of the Boardwalk and the porta-pottys.

Why is the Market scheduled in late afternoon, during the windiest time of the day?

Our vendors travel from as far away as Alsea. A late afternoon Market allows them to get ready in the morning not the middle of the night. This was decided by vendors 6 years ago before the first Market happened. Running the Market until 6pm allows people who work to attend.

If you have any other questions, please feel reply to this post and we will do our best to answer.

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